Tag:       Silver thread and ruby
              red floss.
Tail:       A topping, Indian crow
              and blue chatterer.
Butt:       Black ostrich herl.
Body:      In two equal halves: First
               half, flat silver tinsel, butted
               with black herl and veiled
               above and below with Indian
               crow; second half, black floss.
Ribs:       Oval silver tinsel.
Hackle:   A dark claret over the black floss.
Throat:    Jay.
Wings:    Mixed -- tippets in strands;
              "married" strands of scarlet, blue,
               and yellow swan, Florican, speckled
                bustard, grey turkey tail and golden
               pheasant tail; "married" narrow strips
               of teal and barred summer duck;
                narrow strips of brown mallard over.
Sides:       Jungle cock.
Cheeks:    Blue chatterer; a topping over all.
Horns:     Blue and gold macaw.

Tied by William Hrinko.

Reference: Pryce-Tannatt (1914) How to Dress Salmon Flies.
London: Adam and Charles Black