(Tied by Fred Brand)



Tag:        Silver thread and lemon floss
Tail:        A topping and blue chatterer
Butt:        Black herl
Body:       Fiery brown, pale blue, claret, 
               and dark blue seal's fur in equal
Rib:         Flat silver tinsel and twist
Hackle:    A dark claret or black hackle
Throat:    A lemon hackle followed by
              specked gallina               
Wings:     Golden pheasant tippets, covered by
              golden pheasant breast feathers,
               followed by broad strips of teal; 
              "married" narrow strips of yellow 
               swan and bustard, scarlet and blue 
               swan, orange swan; and golden
               pheasant tail; broad strips of mallard
               over all
Cheeks:    Blue chatterer
Topping:   Golden pheasant crest
Head:       Black

Source: Pryce-Tannatt, T.E. (1914) How to Dress Salmon Flies