Chatterer Variation 
(Tied by Paul Schmookler)

Chatterer Variation


Tag:     Flat silver tinsel.
Tail:      Golden pheasant crest.
Butt:      Black ostrich herl.
Body:    Two turns purple silk, making
             headway for blue chatterer's
             feathers, closely packed
             and covering the entire body.
             May take as many as sixty
Throat:  Banded Gymnogene * (or
             guinea fowl).
Wing:     Four Indian crow feathers, 
              back to back and overlapping,
              and one Eurasian jay feather
              on each side.  Four golden
              pheasant crests over top.
Cheek:   Indian crow, doubled.
Topping: Golden pheasant crest, doubled.
Horns:    Blue and gold macaw.