(Created and tied by Ken Sawada) 



Tag:        Fine oval silver tinsel and yellow floss
Tail:       Golden pheasant crest, Indian crow, blue chatterer
Butt:       Blue ostrich herl
Body:      Rear half, medium blue silk ribbed with oval
               gold tinsel, veiled above and below with toucan
               and butted with blue herl; front half, medium blue
               silk ribbed with embossed gold and oval silver tinsel
Hackle:   Light blue over front half  of fly only
Throat:   Orange hackle and blue peacock breast
Wing:      Married strips of greensih blue, yellow, greenish 
               blue, orange, greenish blue, orangish-red, 
               greenish blue, red, blue, red, lavender, red,
               reddish purple, crimson, purple, crimson, and purple
                dyed white florican bustard
Topping: Golden pheasant crest
Horns:    Scarlet macaw
Cheek:    Red parrot

Original 8/0 fly from: The Art of the Classic Atlantic Salmon Fly (1989)