(Tied by Jan Londal)



Tag:        Silver tinsel and crimson floss 
Tail:        Topping and summer duck
Butt:        Black herl
Body:      Canary; dark vulturine yellow; 
              orange; and crimson seal's fur
Ribbing:   Silver lace and silver tinsel
Hackle:    Yellow eagle* (or marabou)
Throat:     Guinea fowl dyed  crimson
Wings:     Two golden pheasant sword feathers
               enveloping two extending jungle cock;
               bustard; amherst pheasant tail; yellow
               and crimson swan; topping
Sides:       Jungle cock
Cheeks:     Jungle cock
Head:       Black

Source: Hardy J.J. (1907) Salmon Fishing.

Note: Jan modified this pattern by repeating the wing
components several times.