Green Skipper
Artistic salmon fly created and tied by Paul Rossman
(photo by Paul Rossman)

Green Skipper


Tip:          Oval lavender tinsel
Tag:          Pink silk and weaver bird, then blue peacock neck hackle
Butt:         Black ostrich herl
Body:        In two sections. Rear section: Tan, light brown, brown, and 
                dark brown silk - each section butted with two turns oval
                blue-green tinsel, veiled above and below with golden
                pheasant green neck feather adn satyr tragopan body (brown 
                and white spot), hackled with orange-dyed guinea fowl and 
                blue peacock neck.
                Front section: Cream silk ribbed with brown silk decreasing
                in space toward eye, veiled above and below with Malay
                peacock pheasant
Cheeks:    Weaverbird
Topping:   Golden pheasant crest, above and below
Hackle:     Blue peacocl neck feather
Head:       Black ostrich herl