Treasure of Indies
 (Created and tied by Ken Sawada) 


Tag:       Fine oval silver tinsel and purple silk
Tail:       Golden pheasant crest and blue chatterer
Butt:       Blue ostrich herl
Body:      Two turns pale lavender silk followed by 
                blue seal fur and purple seal fur, well picked
                out after ribbing applied
Ribbing:   Oval silver and oval gold tinsel
Hackle:    Blue
Throat:    Guinea fowl dyed crimson
Wing:       Thin strips of blue and gold macaw, and
                scarlet macaw; Peacock herl; married strips
                of pale lavender and purple dyed white florican
                (repeated three timese), and married strips
                of purple and crimson dyed white florican
                (repeated three times)
Topping:  Golden pheasant crest
Sides:       Jungle cock dyed crimson
Cheeks:   Peacock breast and jungle cock dyed crimson
Horns:     Lady Amherst crest, short

Original 8/0 fly from: 
The Art of the Classic Atlantic Salmon Fly (1989)