(Created and tied by Paul Schmookler, c. 1985)


Tag:     Fine oval silver tinsel and dark  pink floss.
Tail:      Golden pheasant crest and two  pair 
             Indian crow, doubled and slightly overlapping.
Butt:      Black ostrich herl.
Body:    In two similar and equal sections. 
             Oval silver tinsel veiled above and  below 
             with six pairs of  Indian crow, doubled, and
              butted with black ostrich herl.
Throat:  Banded gymnogene *
Wing:    Three long jungle cock, partially
             veiled by golden pheasant  tippet that
             is partially veiled by Caucasian Snowcock *
              breast feathers (or large quail or partridge
Cheek:  Malay  peacock  pheasant * (or gray
             peacock pheasant), Jungle cock, Blue
             chatterer, and Magnificent riflebird *.
Topping:  Two Golden pheasant crests.
Horns:      Lady Amherst tail fibers.