Miracle Marabou Streamer: Blueback Shiner
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Head:       Top half, medium blue; lower half, white
Tail:         White 
Body:       White angora
Throat:      Pale cream or very light ginger
Wing:        Two whole white marabou feathers, over which is a Silver Doctor blue marabou feather, 
                over which is an royal blue marabou feather. Topped with a few short fibers of medium 
                green marabou (optional)
Sides:        Silver mylar, less than 1/4-inch wide and extending to bend of hook. 
Note:        Created by Bob Zwirz and Kani Evans. Tied by Roger Plourde
Source: Bates, J. (1950, 1966, 1995) Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing, p. 307