The Munroe Killer


The Munro Killer is an excellent fly to have in your box, it combines four of the favourite colours for taking salmon. These are as follows, Black which is in the body and the wing, Yellow or Gold again in the body and wing, Orange in the beard and Blue also in the beard.

   Out of these four colours at least one colour will appear in most of the Salmon fly patterns around the world. You will also find at least one of these colours on spinning lures such as minnow's, spoons and plugs.

Tag:  A few turns of gold oval tinsel
Tail:  (optional)Two orange hackle feather tips
Body:  Black floss
Ribbing:  Gold oval tinsel
Beard hackle:   Orange hackle fibres with blue guinea fowl tied over
WingYellow hair with black hair on top
Or yellow dyed squirrel tail with black bars in it
Head:  Black

   First tie in the oval gold for the tag, six turns or so on a big hook and about three on a very small hook. Then tie in the optional tail of orange feather tips, feather fibres or hair can also be used. Next tie in the ribbing and the black floss forming a nice even body with the floss followed by nice even turns of the rib.

    Turn the hook upside down in the vice and tie in the orange false beard, or if preferred wind on a couple turns of orange hackle and draw back. Follow this with the blue guinea fowl fibres, false beard style, then turn the hook right way up again. Now tie in the yellow hair, buck tail or squirrel tail are good choices, for the under wing then the black hair over the top with equal amounts for each colour. Form a neat head and whip finish varnish with black or clear. The original, I believe, had no tail and had yellow tied in with black on top for the wing.