(Created and tied by Paul Schmookler)



Tag:       Flat silver tinsel.
Tail:       Golden pheasant crest and Indian crow.
Butt:       Black ostrich herl.
Body:     Rear half: Oval silver tinsel veiled above
              and below with jungle cock (as shown) and
              butted with black ostrich herl.  Front 2/3: Oval
              silver tinsel veiled below with jungle cock. 
              Front 1/3: Oval silver tinsel ribbed with banded
              gymnogene * (or guinea fowl).
Throat:   Banded gymnogene * (or guinea fowl).
Wing:     Scarlet macaw flank feather.
Sides:    Three pair Gray peacock pheasant, partially
Cheek:   Monal pheasant   (a.k.a. Impeyan pheasant)
               bronze neck feather.
Topping:  Golden pheasant crest.
Horns:     Blue and gold macaw.