Orange Devil
Artistic salmon fly created and tied by Paul Rossman
(photo by Paul Rossman)

Orange Devil


Tip:          Oval copper tinsel
Tag:          In three sections. First section of blue silk 
                 veiled with looped 
                 green herl from peacock eye butted with 
                 three turns oval gold
                 tinsel. Second section of brown silk veiled 
                 with looped bronze 
                 herl from peacock eye butted with three 
                 turns oval gold tinsel.
                Third section of dark green silk veiled wtih 
                 looped 1/2 green
                1/2 bronze herl from peacock eye
Butt:         Five turns oval gold tinsel
Body:        In two sections. Rear half of orange, 
                  white, orange, and white
                  silk with single turn oval gold tinsel 
                  between colors. Followed
                  by golden pheasant crest, curving  
                  upward, and entire section 
                 butted with six turns oval gold tinsel. 
                  Front half of light orange
                 silk ribbed with embossed green tinsel
Wing:       Green-wing teal coverts, orange hackle, 
                 and married florican
                and orange-dyed Lady Amherst tail
Cheeks:    Germain peacock pheasant
Throat:     Marabou - twice dyed orange with black 
Topping:   Golden pheasant crest
Head:       Black ostrich herl