Created and popularized by Carrie G Stevens. Tied by Marcelo Morales.



Tail:          Red hackle fibers
Body:        Flat silver tinsel
Rib:          Oval silver tinsel
Throat:      White bucktail to bend, then light blue and white hackle fibers
Wing:        Four to six strands peacock herl and four light blue saddle hackles 
Shoulder:   Pale green shoulder hackle, 1/3 length of wing but just as wide
Cheeks:      Jungle cock
Head:        Black with red center band
Note:        Although the Supervisor was invented by Warden Joseph S. Stickney 
                of Saco, Maine, Carrie Stevens developed her own imitation. Stickney 
                did not tie his own flies and had Mrs Stevens tie this variation for her 
                customers. Occasionally Carrie called this her Lake Supervisor. 
Source: CarrieТs fly tying notes; private collection of StevensТ flies