Violet Devil
Artistic salmon fly created and tied by Paul Rossman
(photo by Paul Rossman)


Tip:          Oval red tinsel
Tag:          In three sections. First section, oval green-yellow
                tinsel veiled with marabou stork wing butted with 
                peacock herl; second section oval blue tinsel 
                veiled with marabou stork wing butted with peacock 
                herl; third section, gray tinsel veiled with marabou
                stork wing
Butt:         Peacock herl
Body:        In two sections: rear section of violet, white, violet,
                and white silk -- butted in front with golden pheasant
                crest curving upward and peacock herl;
                front section hot pink silk ribbed with oval violet and 
                pink tnsel        
Wing:       Gray peacock pheasant
Sides:       Koklass pheasant neck
Cheek:      Edward's pheasant neck and kingfisher dyed purple
Throat:      Twice dyed, hot pink and violet marabou
Topping:   Golden pheasant crest
Head:        Black ostrich herl