Yellow Devil
Artistic salmon fly created and tied by Paul Rossman
(photo by Paul Rossman)

Yellow Devil


Tip:          Lilac oval tinsel
Tag:          In five equal sections of light yellow silk veiled above 
                  with blue peacock breast and butted with fine oval
                 gold tinsel
Butt:         Java peacock herl
Body:        In two sections. Rear half of yellow, white, yellow, and  
                  white silk with 4 sections butted with purple oval tinsel,  
                  and the front section having a golden pheasant crest 
                  curving upward then butted with java peacock herl. Front 
                   section of blue silk ibbed with purple oval tinsel and 
                   orange silk betweenr ribs.
Wing:       Ocelated turkey
Sides:       Rothchild's peacock pheasant
Cheeks:    African oriole
Throat:     Peacock tail
Topping:   Golden pheasant crest
Hackle:     Kingfisher blue dyed hackle
Head:        Java peacock herl