The Green Highlander

The Green Highlander, click for large picture

Hook: Partridge Bartleet blind hook, gut eye
Thread: Black 8/0
Tag: Silver tinsel
Tail: Topping and barred Wood Duck over
Butt Black herl
Body: First quarter, golden yellow floss; remainder: bright green Seal's fur
Rib: Oval silver tinsel
Hackle: Grass green hackle over front 3/4 of body
Throat: Lemon hackle
Wings: Mixed - Golden Pheasant tippets (back to back); "married" strands of yellow, orange and green Swan, Florican, Peacock wing and Golden Pheasant tail; "married" narrow strips of Teal and barred Wood Duck; narrow strips of brown Mallard over
Sides: Jungle Cock
Cheeks: Indian Crow; a topping over all
Horns: Blue and Yellow Macaw