Лосось Аляски. 
Red Salmon (Sockeye)    


Red Salmom Information
   Sockeye Salmon: The Kenai River, is home to hundreds of thousands of Sockeye Salmon. The Kenai River has two runs of Sockeye Salmon, or Red Salmon, as they're favorably called. The first run which is the Russian River salmon are best fished near the Russian River in the Cooper Landing area. Fishing starts June 15th and traditionally peaks June 25th. Fish size runs around 6-8 pounds and the limit is three.
   The second run is the largest run of Reds in the Kenai River. These fish traditionally enter the river in a fishable quantity by July 17th, and can be pursued up the river corridor as they migrate. The second run Red Salmon average 8-12 pounds. The limit for Red Salmon is three or six depending on were you fish and the quantity of the salmon run.